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General tips and information about the many uses of steam cleaners, steam appliances and other home appliances.
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The recommended treatment for dust mites, which lives in our clothes, mattresses, carpets and upholstery is to machine wash the items at a temperature of at least 130 degrees F.  Using a steam cleaner will provide you with a method of penetrating all of these surfaces thoroughly with temperatures in excess of 180 degrees F.
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The average UK household has a cupboard filled with a number of cleaning agents all labeled for different uses around the home. But, used frequently they fill the air with toxic fumes, which may have an effect on the health of the occupants. The alternative is to invest in a steam cleaner, which are proven to clean and sanitize more thoroughly without the use of any cleaning product, just steam. They are one of the most effective cleaning tools available.
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Steam cleaners are a wonder invention seen by many as a great way to cut down on time spent cleaning.  They work by sanitizing and deodorising carpets, curtains and upholstery.  Steam cleaners can also be used on mattresses to rid them of dust mites, known to be a common cause of allergies.  Multi-purpose cleaners combine the ability to clean just about anything.
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Domotec Old Model Filters for DSG1/2 and 11
Availability Update.

Further to my original announcement on the availability if steam cleaner filters, I can confirm that they are on a ship en-route to Southampton and will be in our warehouse in 3 weeks time. The original time quoted has been extended due to unforeseen factory production lead times.
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We have been surprised by the number of past customers of the old Domotec company requiring replacement scale filters for their steam generator irons and frustrated that we have not been able to help them so far.  Happily, we have been able to locate the original manufacturer of the irons and have ordered a quantity of filters for the steam generator iron models DSG1/DSG2 and DSG11.
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Sealed laminate type flooring has become extremely popular over the last few years. Homeowners are replacing the traditional carpet with this wood effect flooring to enhance the look of their homes with great results. Steam cleaners offer a quick and easy solution to cleaning and sanitising this type of flooring.
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Domotec Steam Mop on matressEvery week we seem to see articles in the press and in the news about the increasing prevalence of Asthma and a multitude of allergies blighting people’s lives all over the country.

According to Allergy UK the numbers of sufferers now runs into millions with many small children now becoming sensitized almost from birth.

The choice of treatments being various, drugs for Asthma and allergies often involving steroid treatment certainly in the case of eczema or costly barrier methods with various degrees of efficacy.
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As we become more focused on environmental issues like recycling, land fill and pollution generally many people are looking to their own homes and lives to make a contribution.

Every year most households are spending up to £300 per year, per household on costly and potentially polluting cleaning chemicals like, polishes, detergents and bleaches. Bleaches and bathroom cleaning chemicals ending up straight down the drain and into the waste water systems which has to be dealt with somewhere.

There is an easy alternative that almost removes the need for household cleaning chemicals that must be a relief for the environment and as a by product, also good for our household budgets as we entire this global economic phase of austerity.

This option is domestic steam cleaners.

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Many people find household cleaning a chore, if you enjoy it perhaps you are lucky! The problem seems to be so many methods and techniques are required to clean our homes from top to bottom for example a mop and bucket for the kitchen floor, carpet cleaning sprays for the red wine on the lounge carpet, Mr Muscle for the oven, soapy water or sprays for the windows and not getting perfect results even then, bleach for the bathroom and toilet and perhaps expensive freezing specialists coming in to treat our beds if we are sensitive to household dust mites.
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Windows CleaningSo many of us now have both partners out at work either full time or part time leaving little enough time for quality of life activities in the evening or weekend. This is bad enough but the household chores don’t evaporate whilst we are working, the ironing still needs doing and certainly the need for household cleaning mounts as the work week progresses.