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A portable steam cleaner is a home appliance that is designed to be compact and easy to store away. Their unique feature is the use of steam to clean most surfaces (the exception being untreated wooden floors). The steam generated sanitises surfaces and blasts dirt out of cracks making this form of cleaning quick and efficient.
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Many people will question whether a new appliance launched on to the market is worth the investment? There are so many kitchen gadgets and appliances available in stores or online with new ones launched annually. Many offer promises of helping to make the job for which they are designed easier and more efficient thereby saving time and effort. Decisions on whether to add yet another appliance or gadget to our home is often based on budget and storage facilities. Budget is often determined by its frequency of use. A vacuum cleaner in a carpeted house is likely to be used weekly if not daily and therefore is a necessary purchase, but what about a steam cleaner - how often is it likely to be used?
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The 'Green Revolution' has caught the media's attention and there is so much information on products and lifestyle  to help safe our suffering planet. All this illustrates the realisation of our frivolous past and the need for drastic changes so that the next generation can continue to enjoy a world that is not further harmed.
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Its that time of the year when the UK does get some glorious sunny days and what better way to enjoy them than with a barbeque and sitting out doors soaking up the good weather.
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Steam Cleaners are becoming as popular as the vacuum cleaner with many households investing in such appliances due mainly to its versatility and quick cleaning ability. These appliances have many benefits, the main ones being that they offer chemical free cleaning and santize surfaces. Trials have been done in hospitals to prove their effectiveness in killing bacteria and thereby effectively sanitizing surfaces.
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Stainless steel surfaces and cooker hoods are particularly prone to the accumulation of grease. While it is a known fact that there are cleaning products on the market that can cut through grease and grime in no time. These chemical cleaners are great, but they can be harmful to the environment and they aren't the sort of thing that you might want stored around small, inquisitive fingers and mouths. The alternative? Steam Cleaners
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Dust mites love to live and breed in mattresses. They feed on dead  skin cells shredded from our bodies daily. The faeces and dead bodies of mites are allergens to susceptible people, causing asthma,  rhinitis or dermatitis. The ideal home for dust mites is the mattress  because it's warm, often moist, cosy, easy to burrow into and full of  their favourite food. Just vacuuming them away isn't sufficient to keep your mattress free of dust mites.
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The cold and wet winter days often brings with it challenges to keeping a house clean and domestic chores in order. This is particularly the case if you have children and pets running in and out the house daily. Removing shoes at the door does help to reduce the amount of dirt bought into the home.  But, pets shed dust from their fur and children from their clothing. If you have carpeted rooms in your home, then vacuuming is one of the most important chores to maintain its cleanliness as well as to keep them looking good for longer. But, just vacuuming your carpets is not enough although it is a necessity. Carpets, no matter what type, holds everything inside of it from dust, hair, mites, odors, dirt and stains. Using a steam cleaner regularly will further enhance a carpets look and feel by removing stains and deeply ingrained dirt as well as allergens.
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The BBC News has reported a high incidence of the Norovirus or vomiting bug, which is sweeping across the country with as many as 200,000 new cases per week (8th February 2012). With those families affected comes the torrid task of cleaning-up the vomit particularly when bedding and carpets are affected. Cleaning-up after someone has been ill and not made it to the bathroom on time presents two challenges; one to remove the debris and the other to remove the odour.
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Our bathrooms are subjected to a daily combination of heat and moisture, which can lead to the habitation of moulds and bacteria. But how dangerous are they in our bathrooms and how can we ensure a truly clean and sanitised room?
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Cleaning with a good quality steam cleaner is quick and easy, it cleans faster and more easily than conventional cleaning methods. No chemicals are required in the cleaning process.  A steam cleaner just uses ordinary tap water, which is heated to above 100 o Celsius, the dry steam that is produced loosens the dirt and germs, which are then collected on the cloth.
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If you have a car and are responsible for its maintenance and upkeep then you are likely to want to keep it clean. For many of us we find it more convenient to drive to a car cleaning service to have the outside of the car cleaned and occasionally valeted too.  But, this can become costly.  Alternatively, invest in a steam cleaner and give your car a DIY valet service with professional results. Here is how:
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Window cleaning is one of those less obvious chores that get added to  the list of cleaning jobs. However, I am sure we will all admit that  clean windows are a pleasure to look out of. One that is free of dirt  and debris allows for more light to shine through and brighten up the rooms plus the view out is so much clearer. Here are a few window cleaning tips to follow including  fuss-free steam cleaning:
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Everybody likes a product that can help with their day-to-day tasks, especially that of house cleaning. The dreaded feeling of weekly cleaning chores never fails to overwhelm us. There is however a way to more enjoyable house cleaning with the help of a portable steam cleaner. They are the latest gadget smart homemakers must own and use as they literally cut down cleaning time by up to half.
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Many of us are drawn to what we hear or read in adverts about the wonders of household cleaning products designed specifically for each job around the home. While ‘everything in moderation’ holds true for the use of cleaning agents, we must not loose sight of the fact that they do all contain powerful chemicals which some people may be sensitive to. The need to have clean homes and laundered clothes has resulted in cleaning agents being bought and used without questioning their effect on our children, our pets, the environment or us. However, with the focus now on caring better for our environment, there are alternative products available such as the use of steam cleaners which use just water at very high temperatures to clean just about every household surface, or the use of organic cleaning products.
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There is a growing need to reduce our carbon foot print via reduction in the use of fuels and the release of toxins in to the atmosphere. Many house-hold detergent manufactures are addressing this important issue by using biodegradable ingredients in place of environmentally hazardous biologically stable detergents. The use of detergents free from non-essential additives like perfumes, color and brightening agents in minimal packaging will go a long way in assuring healthier and cleaner environment. But, an even 'cleaner' option is to avoid the use of cleaning detergents in your home altogether and invest in a multi-functional steam cleaner, which uses just water. This means you will also be cutting down on the expense of buying products needed to clean carpets, windows, hob, bathroom, kitchen, grouting and floors plus throwing less packaging into the bin or into recycling.
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For many people in the UK, household chores equate to the use of various job specific cleaning agents, cloth, vacuum cleaner and a duster combined to fight dirt and grime around the home. Many of us feel so disillusioned at the mere thought of spending hours cleaning our homes for it to get dusty and dirty again. The rate at which the glory of a shiny home changes is dependent on the footfall and by whom – human or pet. Perhaps this presents a great opportunity to discover how the high use of cleaning agents and time spent cleaning can be resolved by the use of a steam cleaner, which is also an environmentally safe way of cleaning.
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Discover why steam cleaning the floor is more effective than getting down on your hands and knees to scrub or using a traditional floor mop. Once you have had a taster of using a  steam cleaner, you will really appreciate why it is considered to be such an effective cleaning machine.
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The recommended treatment for dust mites, which lives in our clothes, mattresses, carpets and upholstery is to machine wash the items at a temperature of at least 130 degrees F.  Using a steam cleaner will provide you with a method of penetrating all of these surfaces thoroughly with temperatures in excess of 180 degrees F.
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The average UK household has a cupboard filled with a number of cleaning agents all labeled for different uses around the home. But, used frequently they fill the air with toxic fumes, which may have an effect on the health of the occupants. The alternative is to invest in a steam cleaner, which are proven to clean and sanitize more thoroughly without the use of any cleaning product, just steam. They are one of the most effective cleaning tools available.
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Steam cleaners are a wonder invention seen by many as a great way to cut down on time spent cleaning.  They work by sanitizing and deodorising carpets, curtains and upholstery.  Steam cleaners can also be used on mattresses to rid them of dust mites, known to be a common cause of allergies.  Multi-purpose cleaners combine the ability to clean just about anything.